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Mortgage Advice and Investing

Did you know that there's good debt and bad debt? When your mortgage is properly set up and managed, it plays a vital role in your portfolio. At Wealth Creators, we're here to show you how to navigate the pitfalls banks try and snare you in when it comes to repaying your mortgage.

There's a wealth of information to consider when you look to finance a new home or investment property. It's important to seek professional guidance before making any large decisions. Knowing all your options before you begin helps alleviate the stress that comes with making such an investment.

Wealth Creators are expert loan brokers with a proven track record and access to different banks and financiers who'll help with a tailored solution for you. Understanding the risk involved with mortgages is critical, in order to be successful one needs to be safe in the knowledge that their financial advice comes from a place of experience, and genuine care for the client.

If this is your first mortgage, we'll advise on how much deposit you'll need, the cost of the repayments, the best lenders, and other general advice that can be hard to source.

The same can apply for second homes, holiday homes, for building costs and commercial properties. It's worth noting while each investment has the same general set of questions, the nuances can prove disastrous for those not in the know.

Investing is a process of creating capital which cannot be destroyed which will give you income when you can no longer work. As we are all living longer the old adage that the government will look after us in retirement is unsustainable. The affordable way to invest varies with each family and many factors must be taken into account.

Well, that's where we come in.

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