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Here's What You Need to Do Before Applying for a Mortgage in Te Anau-Be It a Commercial Business Mortgage, a Farm Mortgage, or a Residential Mortgage

A well-planned mortgage is one of the best kinds of investments you can make-whether as an individual or as a business. It allows you to build equity in a property while paying manageable monthly rates and low interest. If maintained with care, that property will hold its value over time (or perhaps even gain value), giving you a source of cash if you decide to sell. Simply put, in the long run, owning property is a much better investment decision than renting it. With that said, though, before you apply for a commercial, residential or farm mortgage in Te Anau, there are a few steps you should take to make sure you are getting a good deal.

Preparing for a Mortgage Loan

No matter what type of mortgage you are pursuing, bank lenders will expect you to come to the table at least partially prepared. Meeting with a wealth investment adviser before you apply for a mortgage loan through any bank will help you prepare for the process and might even protect you from stumbling into some of the common pitfalls that surround mortgages.

At WealthCreators, we are happy to help you prepare for your mortgage loan, be it a residential loan or a business mortgage in Te Anau. Specifically, we can:

  • Help you decide how much you can afford: The biggest question to ask with any mortgage is how big of a loan you need. How expensive is the property you are thinking about acquiring, either for yourself or your business? How much money can you afford to pay upfront as a down payment, and how much of the cost will need to be covered by the mortgage loan? Too often, buyers let the prices of the properties they want dictate everything else. The smarter option is to consult with your wealth adviser to understand how much you can afford. Bigger mortgages have larger monthly payments, which you might not necessarily be equipped to afford right now. At WealthCreators, we will help you plan for your commercial or residential mortgage in Te Anau by helping you assess your finances and arrive at a dollar value that you can handle.
  • Help you get your finances in order: When you apply for a mortgage, lenders are going to look at your credit score, your debts, and your recent big purchases-among other things-to decide whether to approve your applications. WealthCreators can help you get your finances in order so that you stand the best chance of approval.
  • Help you find the right lenders: In addition to helping you outline the specifics of your mortgage application, WealthCreators can also give you advice on lenders. Some banks are easier to work with than other for certain types of mortgages. Based on the size and nature of the mortgage loan you are asking for, we can put you in touch with the right lender for the job. We can also help you get the proper materials for your loan, including pay stubs, tax filings and more.

Get Help with Your Farm, Residential or Commercial in Te Anau

Do you need a mortgage loan to purchase, refinance or improve a piece of real estate in Te Anau? Whether your property is a farm, a home or a business building, WealthCreators can help you prepare for a successful mortgage application process. Fill out our contact form and get in touch today.


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